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Our mission is to help you achieve a stronger bond between you and your dog. It is all about understanding your dog's behaviour and opening the lines of communication between humans and dogs. You’ve got to know what motivates your dog, know how to shape, direct and modify your dog’s behaviour to blend into a social environment. Our training emphasises teaching dog parents how to read your dog’s body language, energy and understand their natural instincts for a more effective and comprehensive training.



Lynn Ong

Thank you Sabrina for giving me the confidence in handling Sumo (Naughty Corgi with food aggression) with so many furkids around. All you need is a trainer who is committed and patient in handling dogs without using fear. I would highly recommend Sabrinadogtraining if your furkids have any issues that need correction

Sakina Sakerwalla

Thank you Sabrina for all your hard and diligent work with Oscar! He is such a happy little guy now, and we all really enjoy hanging out with him. Not only does he know a number of commands but he is also a lot calmer! Thank you also for training us. It’s been invaluable for us too, to know how to manage him and engage him the best way possible.

Denise Wong

Carlos was adopted from SPCA almost 3 years ago and when all the other dog trainers in the market said that Carlos couldn't be trained; Sabrina took up the challenge. Within a few months with Sabrina, Carlos went from a fiercely defensive and possessive dog who wouldn't allow anybody into my room to one that will even allow strangers to carry him!!!

Lisha Marie

Thank you Sabrina for helping and guiding our family in learning how to handle our cheeky boy, Bailey. He had many problems with pulling on the leash when walking, cutting nails, and his barking at dogs walking past our house. Sabrina helped us to curb all these issues in her lesson plans. She’s so helpful in answering all our queries and she replies instantly with constructive advice! Her lessons are always engaging and she even taught us how to cycle with Bailey! We are also very thankful for the help of her doggo assistant, George, who’s the loveliest and the most patient with helping Bailey! You did an awesome job and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks a bunch

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